Welcome to Bloomsbury of London, the specialists in cosmetic hair replacement solutions including designer, hand made wigs or hair loss wigs. As a company regularly dealing with vulnerable patients, anxious and distressed by their hair loss, we take immense satisfaction in restoring the confidence and self esteem of so many people.



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Which charities are Bloomsbury of London involved in?
Bloomsbury of London is involved with a number of charities supporting alopecia groups and chemotherapy units.

Will I get paid?
Yes, you will be paid. The following is a typical guide to the worth of hair:
10-12 inches – £20 – £60
13-15 inches – £40 – £80
16-18 inches – £60 – £150
19 inches and above- £80 – £250
The price varies considerably based upon hair quality.

Is Hair Harvesting painful?
No Hair harvesting not painful. The ponytail/s simply cut off above the secured elastic band/s.

Will all my hair be shaved off?
No it does not involved shaving off all your hair. Merely you will have a shorter hair style –which you can discuss with the hairdresser who cuts your hair.

Do I need to wash or put any products in my hair before harvesting?
Hair should be washed and properly dried before the cut. Only product free, healthy and clean hair (ideally with no split ends and dandruff free)will be accepted. Please note that we grade the hair received in terms of quality which accounts for the variation in price range.

Can hair with layers be harvested?
We prefer hair to be of the same length and even. Hair with layers will achieve a lower price.

Do I need to book an appointment in advance at Chancery Hairdressing?
Yes - should call in advance to book an appointment.

Can I harvest my hair myself at home?
You may –just as long as the hair is secured first in one ponytail at the back or various ponytails positioned around the scalp to get maximum length from the hair. We emphasize that the hair MUST BE EXTREMELY TIGHTLY SECURED IN A PONYTAIL/PONYTAILS as we need the hair to be root to tip perfect. However, you would still need to book an appointment with a hairdresser in order to get a finished hair cut. We recommend that you go into a salon and have a professional cut your hair following the cutting of the ponytail/s.

How much hair on average is needed to make a wig?

The shortest length of hair we accept is 10 inches long and the maximum wig length we produce is 22 inches long.

Why do you need hair from school children?

We can buy hair directly from hair suppliers, but it is more ethical to buy directly from the donor of the hair. The Schools Hair Harvest project enables children to contribute to a good cause, whilst raising money for charity.